The Management from F.W. Neukirch

Responsibility taken personally

Logistics needs good connections. That is why we engage in close dialogue with customers, partners and our employees. This results in solutions which allow the complex demands on the logistics processes to be met quickly and reliably.

Consequently, we consider internal and external communication to be an important managerial task. And that requires value and cultural assumptions which we fully embrace every day: Trust and responsibility, honesty and openness

One result of our management philosophy: The employee satisfaction is high, the employee turnover is low. Indeed, this is also true for the management team itself shown in the photo below: Most of us have been in the company for more than 15 years.

Management von F.W. Neukirch
Das Managementteam von FWN (von links): Marc Röpke, Jürgen Finke, Bruno Kruth, Beate Kutter, Matthias Boguslawski, Udo Schröder, Sven Bley. Still missing: Dennis Hohmann, Florian Reimann