Smart supply systems

Our in-plant logistics department handles all flows of goods and materials for our customers on the company premises. We ensure synchronised supply and removal processes to and from the production and integration areas. Our experienced staff attend to complex packaging, including ESD protective packaging. Our teams draw up logistics concepts and prepare products for shipment using state-of-the-art methods and warehousing technology. We make sure that you can concentrate on your core tasks. Thanks to decades of experience in these processes, F.W. Neukirch guarantees professional, flexible and just-in-time in-plant logistics. Place your logistics in expert hands right from the start.

What we offer

  • Incoming goods logistics
  • Detailed incoming goods inspection & documentation
  • Palletising, storage in specified storage location
  • Storage of dangerous goods, ESD material
  • C-parts management
  • Supermarket supplies
  • KANBAN principle
  • Order picking & packing
    • Multi-order picking
    • Pick to box
    • Roller conveyor principle
  • Delivery to transfer points / integration rooms / production lines
  • Shuttle transports between the different areas / components

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