Small parts with a big effect

Customer satisfaction is a product of perfect logistics. And spare parts management is all about that. How quickly will the required products be available?
Are they accessible at all times?

FWN ensures that the spare parts arrive at the right place at the right time. Using a perfectly synchronised information and logistics handling system, we ensure delivery in extremely short lead times and at high quality standards.

In this way, the spare parts management service from FWN will become an important service commitment to your customers.

Our services

  • Guaranteeing of a high-level of availability of spare parts
  • Quick flow of goods and information
  • Computer-aided logistics management package for Online orders from small packets of screws to side panels of a summer house.
  • Local and global express delivery
  • Tracking & Tracing for real-time status information
  • Rigorous documentation of the complete delivery chain
  • Storage in small parts storage shelving and vertical carousels on the basis of goods-to-man principle.
Ersatzteilmanagement mit F.W. Neukirch