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J.T. Ronnefeldt KG

Logistics for a Global Player

The traditional family-run tea trading company, J.T. Ronnefeldt KG, founded in 1823, has been a customer of F.W. Neukirch since 2013. After initially starting with handling of the logistics for the specialist shop and the web shop, the logistics operations for the gastronomy and international divisions were entrusted to us at the beginning of January 2015. Teehaus Ronnefeldt has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and its production site in Worpswede, near Bremen.

What does FWN do for Ronnefeldt?

In providing the logistical support for Ronnefeldt, FWN has assumed the collection of the daily production volume and the supplying of the production site with the raw materials. The teas are stored for and delivered to the specialist shops and gastronomy by FWN in accordance with the HACCP standards and in compliance with the organic food regulations. The delivery chain also includes end consumers who have ordered their Ronnefeldt tea via the web shop.

The services offered include:

  • Collection of the finished goods from the production site in Worpswede
  • Homogeneous storage of goods
  • Storage in heated warehouses
  • Contract related order-picking
  • Shipping by freight forwarders and parcel service providers
  • Compliance with HACCP standards
  • Compliance with the organic food regulations

The project in figures

  • 1,300 types of tea and associated accessories
  • 5.000 storage places
  • 20,000 pallets of incoming and outgoing goods per year
  • 105,000 packets of incoming and outgoing goods per year
Ronnefeld Referenz

Fluid and Hydraulic Technology


For more than a decade we have been the logistics partner for Europe’s leading systems vendor in the fluid and hydraulic technology field. The company, which is based in Bremen, offers a wide spectrum of products and components and is represented globally with 419 branches in 39 countries around the world. The more than 300,000 customers come from all sectors of the economy.

Wahr does FWN do for the hydraulic specialitst company?

We handle the global logistical operations in the supply chain of the hydraulic specialist company. Whether it be suppliers from Europe, Asia or other parts of the world: The shipments are sent to Europe, consolidated and delivered to the Europe-wide network of distributed warehouses and production facilities by FWN.

The services offered include:

  • Import logistics
  • Global customs clearance
  • Ocean shipping of FCL containers
  • Consolidating of goods in receiving country
  • Europe-wide distribution by truck
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Rigorous documentation
Fluid- und Hydrauliktechnik

Round wood and semi-finished timber

Door to Door from the country of origin into the sawmill

Wood is a renewable resource with many applications. It is used not only as a raw material but also as an environmentally-friendly source of energy. We manage the purchase and supply chains of round wood, boules as well as semi-finished timber from Canada, South East Asia and Africa for a company working in the timber business. Our customer process around 25,000 cubic metres of timber every year; around 70% of it is dried in their own drying chambers. Sawdust and chipping are used in biomass to generate energy in their own combined heat and power plant.

What does FWN do for the timber producer?

To ensure that the saws in the production facilities of our customer do not stop, we organise the complete procurement and supply logistics from the country of origin right up to the sawmills. The wood is shipped by us and imported from the various countries of origin into Germany in compliance with the valid phytosanitary regulations.


The services offered include:

  • Procurement of the timber in the country of origin
  • Complete import processing in compliance with the phytosanitary regulations
  • Loading of the ocean-going cargo
  • On carriage from the port of discharge by truck
  • Product-specific storage
  • Delivery to the production locations

Cotton and Synthetic Yarns

Procurement and distribution of yarns

Our customer trades globally with cotton and synthetic yarns which are used a wide variety of different applications. Synthetic yarn, for example, is used in technical textiles in the automobile industry, or in industrial filters and hoses. Cotton yarns, on the other hand, are used in the textile industry and for the manufacture of medical dressings and sanitary products. The main purchasers are internationally-renowned weaving mills, knitting mills as well industrial companies.

What does FWN do?

We handle the importing from the differing countries of origin such as China, India, Pakistan, South-East Asia, Africa as well as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the USA taking into consideration the respective import regulations.
Keeping all time constraints in mind, we coordinate the processing and importing as and when it is required.

Scope of service:

  • Complete processing of import activities
  • Shipping of FCL containers
  • Product-specific storage of goods in Bremen
  • Order picking
  • Customer-specific delivery, as and when required
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Lot tracing

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