We find the best way of transporting your shipment

The ideal transport path often involves the combination of different forms of transport. For that very reason, in many cases for our customers, we combine the road, rail and waterway networks and organise the intermodal transport of the shipments. Such solutions, in which all forms of transport are used, guarantee not only a particularly high level of efficiency, but also of environmental compatibility.

We, for example, ensure that containers from overseas are loaded trains in the ports. Through this, not only do we save you money and CO2 on the journey inland, but we also avoid traffic hold congestion and the associated delivery delays. We will be pleased to inform you whether, and how much, intermodal transport will be of benefit to you.


Our services:

  • Development and organising of intermodal transport solutions
  • Container transport from the port into the interior of the country
  • Project loading via ferries (accompanied and unaccompanied)